Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Heres the idea:
If you don't know about an injustice you can't make an  impact. If you do know should you do something.

Today this was discussed in my English class, we are talking about a book called The Elephant Man, it is a big decision. When I was younger I thought human instinct was me, myself, and I. One day I was explaining my point of view and she said, "Thats not true, the different thing about humans is that we have the instinct to think of others."  I think that moment changed my point of view on the entire situation of making choices. It is not noticeable but we make so many decisions on that topic.

Just last night this situation applied, I was almost asleep when I remembered I had to feed my cat. I thought to myself, he will survive, but then I considered, if I don't feed him now he may eat to much tomorrow morning and then vomit on the carpet. After several minutes of arguing in my mind I turned on the light, sat up, and checked that he had food. It may have been a minuscule decision but it was still using the idea above.

So what do you think about acting on injustice?