Friday, February 28, 2014

Just Another Essay

The following is the essay for my NHS application. I honestly don't remember the essay question but I did get into NHS. Enjoy!

National Honors Society Application Essay

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” This concept may not apply to everyone but it is something I have believed for a very long time. Throughout middle school I never really understood how people could be so busy as to miss homework or have to sleep in late. I didn’t do much after school then so basically everyday I’d take the bus home and have hours to do homework. Then I got to high school. I never imagined how many opportunities I would be presented with within only a year. It just seemed as though slowly and steadily I was creating an after school schedule to go along with my normal schedule. By this, my junior year, I have begun to book lunches for things I have to accomplish. Looking back I really don’t know how the first couple months have gone by so fast. The only thing I can say is that I really do take things one day at a time. Prioritizing is such an important aspect in controlling all I have to accomplish. Certain things, of course, rank higher than others. First and most importantly are my grades, tests, homework, projects, they all need to be complete or have a planned time to complete them. I know my parents wouldn’t have it any other way but more importantly, I cannot purposely not study for a test and just hope for the best, I cannot let other people do an entire project for me, and I especially cannot be the person who forgets their homework consciously. Maintaining my GPA is built within me, I will find every way possible to keep it stable.  If I were to be accepted as a member of the (School Name) Chapter of the National Honors Society, my responsibilities as a member would be next in line. I understand that being a member means dedication is required. I realize that by taking on this responsibility can and will mean missing other activities and social events. I believe that as a member I would be able to make a positive impact in my school and community as well as encourage others to do their best at all they wish to achieve.

Quote by Anne Frank.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things Said To Or About My Adopted Daughters--Article Link

Things Said To Or About My Adopted Daughters | Bored Panda:

Lesson of the day: Learn what you're talking about before you say anything.

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Music Essay

The following is an essay written for a musical lesson scholarship by moi. I did not win it but I did come to terms with my relationship with music, the following is that analysis.

Music. Music is such a broad topic. There are different styles, coinciding with different time periods. There’s the conductor and how they choose to add drama to a piece. And there’s the musician who plays the music.  The role of music in a musician’s life is necessary, it may be the urge to hum constantly, take out their instrument when they’re bored, or simply listen to a favorite piece. I am a musician. Music is, for me, something to wake up to and fall asleep to. It is part of my daily schedule whether its orchestra every morning, practice during lunch, or rehearsals after school. Music is what keeps me going some days and other days, it opens my eyes. I don’t know where I would spend my time without having music in my life. 

A View to Think About