Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teen TV

Have you ever noticed those Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows are all based around being famous or becoming famous. For example:
Disney Channel:

  • Jonas LA
  • Hannah Montana
  • Sonny with a Chance
  • Shake It Up! (hasn't premiered but is know what its about)
  • Big Time Rush
  • Victorious
  • iCarly (web-famous)
  • Gigantic*
It's just sad because kids are setting the expectation that being famous is easy. Well it's not. Think back to the clever ideas that tv shows used to have. Heres a few:
  • What I Like About You
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Drake and Josh
  • Wizards of Waverly Place
  • True Jackson VP
This is just what I think you can disagree, I don't care.
*Teen Nick show (a branch of nickelodeon)

Daily Pic

This is the poster to restore sanity and or fear. If you haven't heard about it you must be living under a rock. What I'm thinking about today is how early did they have to plan this event. John Stewart did say he apply for the rally at the national mall in the middle of summer, that was after he had all the details. He must have come up with this idea at least in the spring. So now that i explained that think of all the ideas people are coming up with for next spring, it seems weird to think about right?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daily Pic

This is the cover of one of my favorite books. It is Avalon High by Meg Cabot. Meg Cabot is my favorite author. I can't say that it is not because of the contents, it's because of the new ideas she comes up with. The book is talking about a girl who move to a new town and becomes a reincarnation of The Lady of the Lake. Everyone else in town are also reincarnations of  King Authors Court. It is now becoming a Disney Channel Movie premiering on the 12th of November. I'm not sure if I should be happy about the movie judging how Disney can easily ruin a good story. I would defenatley recommend the book. If you hate books (why are you reading this) there is a "easy read" manga series. This week's daily pics will all be based on books.

Do you want me to do reviews?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Fig of my Eye

I don't know if you know this but cookies are not healthy. One tough problem is finding cookies that are indeed healthy and delicious. I think that one of the best cookies are FIG NEWTONS. I could eat these things for hours. (no joke) Here's a comparison between Keebler's Oatmeal Rasin Cookies and Fig Newtons:

Oatmeal Rasin Cookies
Fig Newtons
Serving Size
2 cookies
2 cookies
6 grams
1 gram


Daily Pic

You may not recognize this man before your eyes. This is Christopher Columbus. Everyone thinks of him as a great man. If you read the article below you might find out something you never expected.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daily Pic

This looks like an ordinary glass of milk, its not. This is soy milk, it is way yummier and just as healthy. Sorry for the short posts but I've been busier then normal.


Today we have those THINKERS, not exactly a job but something to do with life. Maybe we would call them AUTHORS, because they happen to write down their ideas. Am I a PHILOSOPHER because I tell you what I'm thinking. Lets look back to  ancient Greece. To Ptolmey , Galileo, Plato, or even Aristotle. These guts were the real PHILOSOPHERS. What has happened to them. They may not exist any longer. I believe that we need these kind of people who think so far out of the box that they fall off the table. They don't need to come up with new belief's that defy what scientists have discovered as fact. I think about these kind of things many a time. I never really had a place to put these ideas of mine until now. I couldn't tell anyone because they would think I was stupid, even my parents would say that it is impossible and that that could never happen.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Silly Quotes

"I may be a geek just because I value my sleep"
                                         - Natalie 10/10

This is something I came up with yesterday, monday morning as I talked to my friends. It is totally true I love to sleep and it may sound geeky if I go to bed at 9p.m. but thats the way I am.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Pic

How Valuable is Yoga

I have been taking yoga classes once a week for 3 years. It definitely has not made me super flexible but thats really is not the point. I take the class so that I can cool down after a busy day/week. I like how I always feel better walking out of the small rec. room. I also love being able to stand up straight after carrying around books all day. After all that yoga is the perfect way to cool down. I would recommend it to anyone because classes are pretty cheap if you go through rec. departments or gyms. A lot of people have some pretty strange feelings about yoga but it is actually really fun.

p.s. that "oammmm" pose is called GYAN MUDRA call it correctly!!!

After Dinner

In my family we have a nice big meal about five days a week (my mom thinks Fridays and Saturdays are leftover night). We eat earlier and the meals are almost allways prepared fresh. I actually ate dinner and I'm so full!!! After I eat meals like these I feel like Santa with a big belly and the eurge to take a nap then and there. I was wondering If this happens to anyone else because I kind of find it embarassing to want to fall asleep after dinner especially when we eat sooooo early.
So does this happen to you???

Daily Pic


ugh, math is not easy, so I hate it.

Getting up in the Morning

It's not an easy thing for anyone to get up on a Monday morning. I have the same problem, pretty much I lay around until I know I need to get up. What I want to talk about is getting dressed. I get up around 5:30 a.m. and every day I want to wear a pretty skirt or dress. but when its 40 degrees outside. I want to wear sweats. Every night I tell myself that I WILL wear something other than jeans. In the morning I have big conversations with myself, like a debate in my head. Whats your technique to stay warm.

BTW: I don't get in a car and warm up I stand up at the bus stop for 8-10 minutes. For people who get to take a car to school/work... LUCKY

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Olive almost all holidays, but sometimes people look past the origin of the holiday and go to the commercial holiday. Don't get me wrong I love holiday. It's just people have turned it into a money ploy (if that even is a word). I wanted to tell you the thruth of Halloween. Originaly it was called all Hallow's eve or all saints eve. It was a christian and Celtic tradition. They believed that on that night anyone from the otherworld (a.k.a. Hell) could come out and walk around. The costumes were so the Spirits would not come bear them. Hence the scary costumes.
In the words "trick or treat" the trick means threat and treat means well, treat. So the phrase meant I will do something bad to you or you could give me a treat.
(off wikipedia a good statment)
Halloween costumes are traditionally modeled after monsters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. Over time, the costume selection extended to include popular characters from fiction, celebrities, and generic archetypes such as ninjas and princesses.
I think more people should know the tradition of Halloween and the begining of it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here are some of my favorite movies. I didn't want to tell you only one because when I'm in diffferent moods I want different kinds of movies.

Lovey- The Princess Bride
Science- The Fifth Element
Action/Comedy- Get Smart
Chick Flick- The Wedding Planner
Stupid- The Last Unicorn
Disney- The Princess Diaries

Your Question:
What r ur fav. movies?

Daily Pic

Today's pic is the youtube logo. I am truly addicted to youtube. Thats it check out these cool channels.

Mystery Guitar Man-
Rhett and Link-

---I am not being paid by these channels I just think their really cool.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Song of the Week

This week I chose a song from the Steve Miller Band called Dance Dance Dance. I used to listen to them when me and my mom went on long car trips. I think this song comes with a lot of energy.


Dance Dance Dance by the Steve Miller Band

Daily Pic

As you can see this is a dancer. I am a dancer. I have been lacking since I pulled my hamstring 2 weeks ago. The text below is an essay/personal narrative i wrote for english:

When I call myself a dancer you would think three main things. First, that I have been dancing for at least ten years. Second I take a million different classes. Third, I am the most flexible person alive and can do splits in mid air. None of this is true. I started dancing at the beginning of eighth grade. I didn’t go to learn to dance or to get more exercise. I wanted to be with my best friends who all danced. At first I assumed that it would be easy to fit in with girls around my age, but was I horribly mistaken.
The truth is I had been in that studio before; I took a ballet class there in second grade. I quit after my first year because I hated it. As I  walked into that studio again it felt like a flashback, especially since some little girls were leaving. As their tiny tutus left to meet up with their parents I walked in. The dance room was bright with blue tile floors and four rooms. I learned that there is a bathroom, storage room, waiting room, and office. When I first entered it looked barren, but seconds later I saw more girls coming in for the beginning of class.
Many of the people that came in I didn’t recognize because there were so many thoughts were going through my head. Were they from different schools, towns, or even home schooled? I was focused on finding someone I actually knew. Soon enough my friends came in. While two of them were changing, my friend Emily showed me around. She had been at the studio for eleven years and knew basically everything about it. She showed me what to do and introduced me to some of her, “dance friends.”
First was a sixth grader with blonde hair. Her name was Emily as well. This Emily was short and really skinny. We had just begun talking when another girl came up to me. She was in eighth grade but went to a private school. This girl was wearing a studio t-shirt and had on way too much makeup on. After that I talked to a few people I had recognized from our grade. Eventually a young woman came in. Emily told me that she was our student teacher who did stretches and warm-ups with us. The class wasn’t easy because I had no clue what in the world I was doing. I needed help with all the exercises and felt stupid. By the middle of the class, I realized that dancing was not going to be something easy to learn.
Surprisingly I lasted all year, from September to June. At the recital I was so proud of myself for beating the odds and accomplishing something I thought could never be achieved. Now this year, as I start a new year at the studio, I feel more confident, more fit, and a lot more like a dancer. This was one tough situation I faced because, as everyone knows, it’s not easy to fit in.

If you read all that, thanks and tell me if something like this has ever happened to you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sleeping and Eating

Because of school I have a really weird sleeping and eating schedule.

Sleep Schedule:
I wake up at 5:15 a.m.
I go to bed at 9:30

Eating Schedule:
Breakfast- 6:00 a.m.
Lunch- 10:30 a.m.
Snack- 3:00 p.m.
Dinner- 7:00

These are not completely exact but these are the times I have to deal with because of school. It's weird because on the weekends my mother and I go out to lunch and I'm always starving really early. I'm wondering does anyone else have to deal with weird schedules? If so what times do you eat and sleep?

Daily Pic

I am not one to be overly girly, but I love to shop. It is not the idea of trying on different clothes. I like that I can find good deals and get things very unexpected. I love getting things off the sales rack and getting them for a better price. Examples are most of my wardrobe. I don't think people should spend over $100 for a shirt, a pair of jeans, or some shoes. It's sad how people walk around my school in Abrocrombie, Hollister, Juicy, and Pac Sun. I have nothing against the clothes from these brands but there prices are outrageous!!!!!!

Do you like shopping? If so where?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


School is not a bad thing, sometimes it can suck and sometimes you don't want to get up but you have to. I only hat one thing about school, math. It is not the subject, I believe in some world you could have a good time doing math. It is my teacher who I despise. He sits in front of the class giving examples of what were doing but never actually shows up how to do the problems. Here are a few examples of things he will say.

Student- I don't understand why you add three?

My Teacher- Whats not to understand?

Student- But that doesn't make sense.

My Teacher- Of course it makes sense.

He also over loads us with math homework every night even on the first day of school we go 20 problems to do. Here's the math hw I got tonight:

rd. pgs.119-121 #'s 1-43 odd
pg. 114 #'s 35-45 odd
pg. 114 #'s 51-70 all

(note: these are not simple math problems they take time)

Daily Pic

I love the seasons. They allow me to survive. I live in an area where there are a distinguished 4 seasons. Unlike California we feel the change in temperature coming on and I brings new traditions. We may not always have "white christmas's" but we do have cold ones. I would never want to live in an area where there is a hot and cold season because with each season comes new styles of, life.

Your Question:
Could you live with only 2 seasons? And if you do do you like it?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cake Mix Cookies

1 box of ANY cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup of vegetable oil

1.)Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
2.)Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl
3.)Put balls of dough on a pan (about 9-12 per pan based on size)
4.)Put in oven for 12-15 minutes
5.)Let the cookies cool before removing from pan and eating

Chef's Note:
This is not my recipe you can find it on the internet but my mom taught me to make these from a young and I still make them today. Feel free to add in chips, fruit, or nuts. This is an awesome recipe to make it only takes about 30min. to finish off all the dough.

Picture of the Day

Funny pic ain't it, you could take a good long look at it too. This is a picture by Josef Frank one of my favorite artists. I discovered him one day when I opened up Google. I saw this image:

I clicked on it only to see his name and some images. The Google Homepage was celebrating Josef Franks Birthday. I suggest you check out some of his other pieces they are all incredibly different from things you see day to day.

Food Phases

Have you ever noticed yourself making certain kinds of food or eating certain foods. It lasts like forever, or maybe this is just me. A few months back my mother got into a phase where she made oriental food at least once a week. Now she is heading out of her phase and making that kind of food less and less. She has gone through many phases such as Mexican, seafood, Mediterranean, and vegan. You may be thinking what about Italian. I would never be able to survive without Italian once every two weeks so we do eat Italian quite a bit. If you have any ideas what she will turn to next tell me. Also do you go through food phases like I do???

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've heard some weird things before and some really funny quotes. I wanted to share one of my favorites with you.


"I am a dork and I embrace it to the fullest"

This quote is totally true about me. My friend go insane when I'm sad about a B- or when the I do super good in a class and the teacher hates me because I ahead of my teacher. I don't see anything wrong with doing good in school but I find myself a bit uptight. So if your like me ENJOY YOURSELF MORE!!


Poem-Back Again

Before You Read:
this poem was written to my journal because I hadn't been writing for about a year.

Back Again
Though we have not spoken for long a day,
And I thought I regret the pain
The Anxiety, The Love, and the nervousness have not gone away.
And I am here now, to happily greet you again

Coming Back was a hard choice,
With so many voices going round in my head
In my mind I'm sure I followed the right one.

So I have to say hello to your faded face
And take a good long look around the place
So long I admitted my feelings to
And I am here now, to happily greet you again

About Me

As part of you getting to know me and myself getting to know me. Every day I will post a picture about me. Something i love, hate, or want. It will be just something to do so I am not some random person on the internet. SO HERE'S TODAYS PIC:

There's just something about the Eiffel Tower that intrigues me so much. It's not the whole idea of France just this one piece of architecture.

Hello World

Have you ever had some weird ideas, ones that make your brain actually think. I wanted to make a place where I can share all the slightly weird, kinda crazy, and pointless stuff I do.