Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not sure of name yet????

Entry 1
Tuesday, March 23, 2011
Life must not be my forte, I'm serious, I just can't seem to do anything right. I always find a way to screw up any relationship I have with anyone. Whether its friends or guys or even teachers, they all see me the same way. I am the loner, not an official title but everyone on any sports team will call me it. I am the reason that the school allows you to go anywhere at lunch. So I don't have to be stuck at one of those disgusting cafeteria tables where I may/will embarrass myself. My name is ____ I live in a small suburb outside of New York City called Harrison. I go to Harrison High School home to the ever so obnoxious Hornets football team. They have made it to state three times but never actually won. I live with my mother sometimes, depending if shes drunk or not, and my weirdo father who is very secluded in what ever he does for a living. I have an older sister who went of to college in Ithaca where she is studying music. Her name is Cathrine, she experienced the same high school only when she was here she had friends. She has talent, and she may become someone famous one day, and I'll be the sister everyone looks at strangely then ignores. Oh god the teacher is looking at me, why would he do that, I don't especially like being looked at. That my heath teacher Mr. Gibbons who may be the most beastly man in the world. He wears  jumpsuits everyday even though right now were in health. Our other teacher, the nice one, when on leave to have her baby. Now he thinks he can teach us the difference between fats and carbs and whatever else he wants to. I know this stuff my mother is constantly going on diets, she thinks that a dress size 6 makes her fat. I don't believe this to be true but she never listens and Cathrine always says, "Be the person that you want to be," she doesn't realize that for some of us its not easy. I think that if she paid more attention to real world struggles that she wouldn't be saying that. For example I care about the Invisible Children than about my hair which today is full of gesso chunks from sculpture this morning. Still I don't see the importance in health class, half the people in here are probably trying to get out of a eating disorder. Still if we need to learn this crap for our future well being well I guess its okay.

I knew it was coming

Its March, almost April, but what I don't understand is why I have a snow day. WHY IS IT SNOWING IN MARCH!!! Also it is no longer winter spring started three days ago so how come I am stuck  in side by the force of mother nature. Not that I don't love missing school days but a delay/early dismissal would have been nicer. Another thing, why was it that just last Friday it was 80 degrees outside. I was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt on my snowless backyard. Does this make any sense that my thermometer says its 33.8 degrees outside and its STILL snowing. I don't understand any of this but maybe I'm insane. I'm probably insane because there is always a final snow storm in March. Maybe I'm insane because says its exactly 32 degrees. Maybe I'm just so insane because summer hasn't come yet and I'm fed up with winter.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amazing Vid.

I found this really inspirational video from a musician name Brady Rymer. He created a song called, "Love me for who I am." This song is inspirational because of the video, it is filmed at an autistic school with the kids as the stars. Check it out:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Style Playlist - Video Library - The New York Times

Fashion week in NYC is a huge event across the world. The NY Times is fairly local for me. If your not in the same position they have a amazing website with everything in the paper and more. This video below is a very good description of the people, emotions, and of course styles of this year and years past. I highly recommend it
Style Playlist - Video Library - The New York Times