Friday, July 22, 2011


Well summers been here, for a bit now, and I have to say, it's no different then the past. I'm stuck at home bored out of my mind, the entire time. My best friend left me, to live this summer alone, as she is off on adventures with her family in Florida, like every other summer. My parents are both working, and I am stuck at home. You may think this provides me with a lot of time to get things done. I'm sorry to say, I am no different than every other teenager, and have no motivation to get chores done. This shouldn't be too surprising, anyway, I've spent most of my time reading books. I ride on a stationary bike for exercise but besides that, nothing exciting has happened. I'll get out of the house maybe twice out of a five day week, to do things like go to the library or to the grocery store. That's about it. Hows your summer?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Heres the idea:
If you don't know about an injustice you can't make an  impact. If you do know should you do something.

Today this was discussed in my English class, we are talking about a book called The Elephant Man, it is a big decision. When I was younger I thought human instinct was me, myself, and I. One day I was explaining my point of view and she said, "Thats not true, the different thing about humans is that we have the instinct to think of others."  I think that moment changed my point of view on the entire situation of making choices. It is not noticeable but we make so many decisions on that topic.

Just last night this situation applied, I was almost asleep when I remembered I had to feed my cat. I thought to myself, he will survive, but then I considered, if I don't feed him now he may eat to much tomorrow morning and then vomit on the carpet. After several minutes of arguing in my mind I turned on the light, sat up, and checked that he had food. It may have been a minuscule decision but it was still using the idea above.

So what do you think about acting on injustice?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not sure of name yet????

Entry 1
Tuesday, March 23, 2011
Life must not be my forte, I'm serious, I just can't seem to do anything right. I always find a way to screw up any relationship I have with anyone. Whether its friends or guys or even teachers, they all see me the same way. I am the loner, not an official title but everyone on any sports team will call me it. I am the reason that the school allows you to go anywhere at lunch. So I don't have to be stuck at one of those disgusting cafeteria tables where I may/will embarrass myself. My name is ____ I live in a small suburb outside of New York City called Harrison. I go to Harrison High School home to the ever so obnoxious Hornets football team. They have made it to state three times but never actually won. I live with my mother sometimes, depending if shes drunk or not, and my weirdo father who is very secluded in what ever he does for a living. I have an older sister who went of to college in Ithaca where she is studying music. Her name is Cathrine, she experienced the same high school only when she was here she had friends. She has talent, and she may become someone famous one day, and I'll be the sister everyone looks at strangely then ignores. Oh god the teacher is looking at me, why would he do that, I don't especially like being looked at. That my heath teacher Mr. Gibbons who may be the most beastly man in the world. He wears  jumpsuits everyday even though right now were in health. Our other teacher, the nice one, when on leave to have her baby. Now he thinks he can teach us the difference between fats and carbs and whatever else he wants to. I know this stuff my mother is constantly going on diets, she thinks that a dress size 6 makes her fat. I don't believe this to be true but she never listens and Cathrine always says, "Be the person that you want to be," she doesn't realize that for some of us its not easy. I think that if she paid more attention to real world struggles that she wouldn't be saying that. For example I care about the Invisible Children than about my hair which today is full of gesso chunks from sculpture this morning. Still I don't see the importance in health class, half the people in here are probably trying to get out of a eating disorder. Still if we need to learn this crap for our future well being well I guess its okay.

I knew it was coming

Its March, almost April, but what I don't understand is why I have a snow day. WHY IS IT SNOWING IN MARCH!!! Also it is no longer winter spring started three days ago so how come I am stuck  in side by the force of mother nature. Not that I don't love missing school days but a delay/early dismissal would have been nicer. Another thing, why was it that just last Friday it was 80 degrees outside. I was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt on my snowless backyard. Does this make any sense that my thermometer says its 33.8 degrees outside and its STILL snowing. I don't understand any of this but maybe I'm insane. I'm probably insane because there is always a final snow storm in March. Maybe I'm insane because says its exactly 32 degrees. Maybe I'm just so insane because summer hasn't come yet and I'm fed up with winter.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amazing Vid.

I found this really inspirational video from a musician name Brady Rymer. He created a song called, "Love me for who I am." This song is inspirational because of the video, it is filmed at an autistic school with the kids as the stars. Check it out:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Style Playlist - Video Library - The New York Times

Fashion week in NYC is a huge event across the world. The NY Times is fairly local for me. If your not in the same position they have a amazing website with everything in the paper and more. This video below is a very good description of the people, emotions, and of course styles of this year and years past. I highly recommend it
Style Playlist - Video Library - The New York Times

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not So Sleeping Beauty

I don't know if anyone else is like me, but when I wake up from a good (9-10hrs) sleep I look disastrous. And I don't really care, who is going to be there to say that my hair looks ugly or my face is splotchy. I am no sleeping beauty. So then comes along the idea that there is beauty sleep. Many people assume to be pretty in a way you need, "Beauty Sleep." The term actually refers to the fact that sleep beautifies your personality. It can make you happier, friendlier, and not tired. Yet some people don't realize thats what it means. Almost a year ago I went on a class trip to Washington DC. There was this one girl who stayed in the same room as me and she would put on mascara before bed. What is the point of that? I just found it insane, and still think of the poor pillows covered in makeup. So don't be a sleeping beauty but do get beauty sleep.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Weird Cat

I wanted to show you how weird my cat is, he likes to walk on newspapers and any thing else that my mother or I are looking at. Here's one example:

Isn't he a wako!!!


For me its a thing that takes time to develop. Yes the need to clean is not something easily faced. I do it under my free will once it exceeds my tolerance level or I have to to go out with friends or something. I like having long weekends just so on saturday I can spend all day cleaning and still have sunday and monday to have fun! So thats what I did this weekend see:
Doesn't this look so nice theres barley anything cluttering it up. Nothing for my cat to knock off while I'm trying to sleep!!!

My bed with fresh, clean sheets and new pillows. Also a brand new laptop/work thing that I can use in bed. Yes that is Night by Elie Weisel, I'll post a review soon!

I am so proud of myself for all the work I did and it all makes my room look sooooo  nice!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shop Now

I love shopping but I know something that many people don't realize. I know when the best times of the year are to go shopping. Now would be one of those times, don't worry I'll explain. Now across the world, spring products are being brought into stores. What if they don't have room to display the clothes? They sell everything old before the spring products come in. That would happen around the end of February so over before they take inventory of winter items they will put it all on sale. You and I both know that the cold weather isn't over so go get a sweatshirt or some jeans today!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Change in Music

There are some really atrocious songs out in the world today. Recently I have been hearing more uplifting songs playing on the radio. One of my favorites is called, "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars another is, "Fudging Perfect" by P!nk. These both are really uplifting songs about keeping a positive attitude. I like when you hear songs that tell a story, a real story, a tough story to tell. I'm sorry to her fans but Taylor Swift does nothing for me in this manor, its like her songs express the sorrow for herself. Another song I was listening to recently and started paying attention to the lyrics. The song was, "Not Afraid" by Eminem, this song was all about him following his dreams and not letting anyone else get in this was.  I really like the idea of making music just to uplift and raise other people's (listeners) self esteems.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm mad...not so much!

So I told you about my evil digital toolkit teacher.Well as a continuation of my story I wrote up some notes to add to my power point. I added it at the beginning of class and called her over to look at it. I went through the entire thing since unlike before, she actually read it then said, "I assumed it was out of 30 points instead of 50." This means in her brain she gave me a 29/30. So she changed my a 48/50. YEAH!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photography from the snow day!!!

the slide show

sorry i couldn't just have it on the blog, it wouldn't work. : )

Is snow really pretty?

Sometimes snow just gets tiring, after the holidays it can get on my nerves. Yes it provides snow days which I love, but I just want the snow to be gone now. Its still stuck on my driveway, my driveway is steep, now the snow is turning into ice. So at 6:30 in the morning I walk down that driveway hoping not to break a hip. Also snow gets ugly after its been plowed, it looks dirty and icky. Unfortunately, people don't realize that we can't keep snow on the ground because there are cars that need to get through. But CARS MAKE SNOW GROSS. Here's some proof:

isn't that gross looking!!1

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What if????

What if you bought everything from a vending machine. Socks, nail polish, makeup, and even clothes. Wouldn't that be weird. How would you try on clothes or test lip gloss shades?

Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm mad...

There is this course at my school that you are required to take called digital toolkit. It has three sections engineering, design, and media. I am in the media strand, it is my final strand as well. At the end of the course you have to hand in a final, power point project. I have been working on mine for months and my teacher gave me a freakin' 58% (or a 29/50). I worked sooooo hard on this and it had everything someone would want in a power point. I am talking about, effects, good colors, images w/ labels, just the right amount of text, and a really diligent student. I feel that this is very very unfair. So I wrote a letter to my teacher, (she's evil). here's a copy (edited a bit):

Dear Mrs. I could make her name sound like a curse but I'm better than that,

Recently on parent portal I was checking my grade for digital toolkit and I saw that I got a 29/50 or a 58%. I know that I can not force you to change the grade but I was hoping you would reconsider the grade I received. I have been working on the final project since my first strand and I feel that the information with in it was explanatory of the course and was well balanced between pictures and text. I hope you will reconsider this grade.
Thank You,
                                                                                                        Natalie Nope

I will update you on how this works out I hope it gets better.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Mr. President,

Dear Mr. President,

I really think your State of the Union address on 1/25/11 was amazing. I am really for some of the things you mentioned. Listening to your comments and advancements to be made in the future, brings me so much hope. I don't know if its hearing something besides, "In these tough financial times." Or just the idea of moving past this tragedy and continuing to get our country back. My favorite line would have to be, "Instead of subsidizing yesterday's energy, let's invest in tomorrows." I am amazed at what you said because of the meaning behind it. I am all for advancements in education, if the teachers and schools aren't as great as I want, then I get a not as great education. I'm not a student to take that risk. I live in a community of people who are very bias  on everything. I'm not one of those people. I live in an area who don't realize as much what their doing to the environment.  I live in any area that needs more awareness of the truth, of how this amazing country can stay on top. We can be the only place in the world to have amazing statistics in our ecological footprint, our education system, and our advanced way of living. I really think that some people live in the past too much with their beliefs and notions. I realize it will take decades to change their opinions. My main reason for writing this letter was to tell you about a interesting philosophy I've been thinking about for congress. Its called Project Purple. The idea is that the congress starts thinking about our nation, beyond their beliefs. For their people and only their people. Project Purple is just a way to say, you must compromise its for the good of the country. I saw this once, ONCE, in recent times. That was when they passed the 9/11 First Responders Healthcare Bill. I was so proud of our government on that day, it almost brought me to tears. But this is just a plan to get the congress men and women to begin thinking on more than snappy come backs on fox news. I just feel that we need to start working together, Republicans, Democrats, and people like me, Independents. Don't know if you realized it project purple is combining the red of Republicans and the blue of Democrats (plus purple is my favorite color and it rhymes). One thing is that I don't believe we should always look down on the country, we are normal people trying to grow with our advancements in technology, education, and the environment.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moral Me!

This is a piece of artwork I made a few weeks ago. Its one of those pieces that has a story or moral to it. I want you to give it a good moral. One example would be, "Stay strong and true to your heart when everyone has done the opposite."

Monday, January 17, 2011

What do I want to do?

I really have no clue what I want to do when I grow up, I like everything a lot. My favorite subjects are art, orchestra, science, english, and history. That narrows it down to about everything besides a math teacher. Here's your task, I will give you a list of criteria and you have to come up with a job for me.

-I will not be a teacher unless it is of a college course or special education
-I will not be a doctor because of the risk and time in school
-I will not be a person in the position of leading to someone else's life (ex: judge)
-I am very creative and love to design, draw/sketch, and create
-I love working with children
-I would not want to worry to much about my job
-I don't want to live in a box
-I want multiple places where I could work (ex: therapist- school, private practice, and nursing homes)
-I want to make a difference
-I am a very opinionated person, don't put me in a job where I can get in trouble for telling my opinions
-I love music

any ideas???

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decade Addiction

It frustrates me how much water bottles are used today. My mom is always reminding me that when she was a teen no one carried around water bottles. That they bought drinks or used drinking/water fountains. To start water foutains are gross. Also drinks are expensive to buy just one. Now water bottles can be bought in bulk, in 24 bottle packages, for only 5 dollars. So why would you think of spending $2.50 on just one bottle out of a vending machine. It is a growing problem that many people face. Now its become even more overwhelming due to the stress to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I don't think those are good rules to live by, you should really know what your doing with anything before you act and realize the possible reactions. My suggestion:

Avoid These Set-ups

What You Should Do- 
This thing is amazing and only costed $5 and has lasted me since september. GO GREEN!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

cutest little guys EVER!

So I was in target with my friend and we saw these little singing monsters, I can't say anymore just watch:

Tic Tok by: Ke$ha
Isn't that soooo cute!!!!

Shake It by: Metro Station

Forever by: Chris Brown

***The laughing in the background is my friend and I, these things are so cute!***

Thought of Randomness

Does anyone know how a gas station is designed. I was wondering this the other day when we passed by a gas station that had been torn down, heres how the conversation went:

(note: previously the spot had a shell station and convenient store)
Mom- What do you think's gonna be there?

Me- I don't know, hopefully a quick check, thats still a good spot for a gas station.

Mom- They can't put that in, I saw they already removed the tanks.

Me- What if they were just replacing them?

Mom- I doubt it, there were 4 tanks, it would cost a lot to replace them.

Me- well how many tanks are need per pump.

Mom- Due to the fact that their is reg. and premium, for every 2 pumps you would have 2 tanks so 4 pumps equals 4 tanks.

Me- What about diesel, for trucks and stuff?

Mom- Diesel would be in a separate tank most likely at a un-noticed pump.

Me- How do you lay out the tanks?

Mom- I DON'T KNOW!!!
She didn't sound mad at me for being curious but more for the fact that she had as much knowledge on the subject as I did. Thats what fascinates me, that we don't know how the most useful fuel in the world works in our own cars. I tried to find this out, searching through google like a mindless wreck. Somehow by typing in, "How does a gas station work" I came up with muscle milk, a stiletto,  and an American flag. I really wanted to find a diagram of the amazing system but not even wikipedia could provide that for me. ugh


Today I'm out from school because I felt like I was gonna puke on the bus. Being absent sucks, you miss so much. In one day you miss six classes, imagine all the homework and cluelessness I feel. Why can't you just come back to a class the same way you left it. Worst of all is its the day after break so all of the teachers are starting brand new topics!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals Guide

I know the secret, no not who wins the next season of American Idol, I know the guidelines of setting good goals. New Years resolutions aren't easy but my Spanish teacher, yes Spanish, taught how to set appropriate goals/resolutions. Here are the rules to do it right:

1.) No goal should be too high
2.) No goal should be too low
3.) No goal should be too extended
4.) No goal should be unrealistic
5.) Every Goal should be remembered and maybe even WRITTEN DOWN
These aren't that hard but NO goal should be too easy or too hard to achieve

Remember Goals are very good to set but only if they are set appropriately to you, yourself, and you.

My Holiday

My holiday went ok, but so fast. I don't want to go back to school tomorrow. I got some pretty cool gifts including a Sony Bloggie (a vid. camera). I think we did pretty good this year, I mean in a way of getting gifts for our family. I think everyone liked their gifts. Its mostly my aunt, uncle, and grandparents that are hard to please. I spent some time shoveling, we have a pretty big driveway. Went shopping at the mall for an entire day, then got a cold and laid around all day. Wednesday I went to the doctor for an annual and ended up getting my blood taken (I am not going to rant about the need of organized blood taking labs). Next day I hung out with my best friend, we were both really tired. Then I went shopping again, I wouldn't have gone except it was my friends birthday (yes she was born on new year's eve if you were counting). I stayed up on New Year's Eve watching Wallace and Grommet and The Three Stooges, at midnight we watched the ball drop in nyc. I went grocery shopping and the over to the same friends house. Today, Sunday, I had to go to my cousin's house for a birthday party. Earlier this morning I found out I have limes disease, woo-hoo. I haven't had any aches or pains, but now I have to take two pills a day for three weeks. Its like they knew my favorite colors because the (giant) pills at first looked lime-green but, when  I opened the container I found that they are actually bright blue. Its like they were meant for teens. Now I come home to a depressed family who realizes tomorrow we have to go back to our normal lives, which no kid, in the country, wants to do. Yet I write to you out of mere happiness, I wish to go back to the normal schedule. I miss seeing all of my friends everyday and though it may seem weird I LOVE to learn new things. I am the biggest nerd in the world but I want to go to school.